wrinkle removal machine

Radio wave skin technology, also known as radio frequency skinning technology, radio frequency skin (RF) is very hot, radio frequency skin is Lido RF beauty project, is a very good non-surgical wrinkle removal method. RF skin technology is a non-invasive way to the skin irradiation, so that the activities of water molecules within the organization intensified friction with each other to produce heat, and then the subcutaneous fat "baking, so that knot" and stimulate the subcutaneous collagen Protein regeneration, which can effectively improve the cellulite, reduce wrinkles, eliminate local fat.

Radio wave skinning technology is suitable for those who want to improve skin relaxation, radio wave skin (RF skin) can reduce fine wrinkles, but also to improve the face, eyes, chin, neck, arms and other area relaxation; for Hip and thigh cellulite-like change effect is also more obvious; In addition, it can also play a very good shape sculpture.