Photodynamic Cure PDT-LED Laser for Skin Whiten and Acne Marks

*Acne removal (blue light)
*Skin rejuvenation (yellow light)
*Wrinkle removal treatment (red light)
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Portalbe Photodynamic Cure PDT-LED  For Skin Care

Wrinkle Removal Treatment red light

High purity red light could penetrate skin deep level, to increase microcirculation by actinochemistry, to stimulate metabolism, to stimulate rejuvenesce. Red light irradiation could increase effectively on collagen cytoactive, speeding up on exporting waste products or dead cell from the tissue, stimulating secretion of fibroblast growth factor, so that the red light could repair impaired skin, improve fine wrinkle, recover skin flexibility, improve dark complexion, make skin soft, moist, smooth.Futhermore, the red light could diminish inflammation, has good effect to cell pathological changes. The treatment way is easy, soft, comfortable and effective.

Skin Rejuvanation Yellow Light

High purity yellow light, which is effectively matched with light absorption peak of vein, could irritate lymphatic and Nerve system, to intensify function of muscle and immunologic system, simultaneously, the sensitive skin could be improved and balanced.The yellow light could improve effectively to microcirculation,adjusting cytoactive, desalting spot, inhibiting prowth of melanin, removal of freckle, so that it could improve effectively to skin problem caused by age, as a skin rejuvenation way.

Acne Fighter Blue Light

High purity blue light, which is effectively matched with light absorption peak of Propionibacteriaceae in acne, could be permeated into 0.25mm under skin layer, then start the function of cell sterilizing, destroy the living environment of bacillus, diminish inflammation, sterilization, so that it can remove the acne from the skin as well as improve the scar.Simultaneously, the blue light has the function of calm, if the blue light is treated at glabella point, it will make body relaxed, will have good improvment and calm effection to pain, haemostasis, etc.


As a beauty specialist, they always be familiar with LED system, but it is not popular at the moment. In the United States, many beauty salons is honorable to have a beauty machine with LED technology, since the magical effect of LED has been recognized by human beings, and more and more brilliantly.LED is commonly called Light Emitting Diode, LED beauty system is used to speed up the production of collagen and elastin of Skin corium layer. This is a general light biochemical reaction, the theory is the similar as photo synthetic reaction. When the light of LED will be the medical laser system.


*Acne removal (blue light)
*Skin rejuvenation (yellow light)
*Wrinkle removal treatment (red light)


*Voltage AC100-240V
*Package Size:35*7.5*25cm
*Temperat Working:-5 to +40degree
*Certifications:CE LVD,CE EMC


NOTICE:Foldable LED HKS205

Click for HKS205 user guide


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More about PDT-LED  For Facial Skin Care


Please read instruction carefully piror to use, and use correctly according to the instruction. Please do not use when you have the following skin problem:
1.The inflammation caused by acne and erythema.
2.Any metal/plastic/colloidal silica part used in your face skin.
4.Cutaneous pigmentation caused by cutaneous pruritus/burn/stimulation.
6.The inflammation caused by cosmetics.
7.Oral interior and other mucous tissue.

Can be folded

Besides of more professional technology, we hope to have more family users of LED light system. The general LED system is big with heavy weight, the LED light system is updated from the tranditional way, it can be folded, the height after folden will be only 7.5cm, so it could be put in any other position in family. It is dexterous to carry and make it possible to LED treatment at anywhere in anytime.
Liberation without any pressure when treatment, both hands could do any other thing when LED treatment.The general portable beauty system must be used with hands support, so that we will feel pressure and weary. The LED light systems make both hands liberate when nursing, both hands could do any other thing when LED treatment, it is easy to operate.In addtional, a face massage when treatment will be more effective for treatment.

LED High output power LED

Unique optical design(patent is applying) makes he treatment more effective and makes the treatment area broader, easy to adjust the angle and direction of makes the treatment area broader, easy to adjust the angle and direction of treatment, it is really a high effective beauty system. The installtion of LED light and unique design of mirror plate make the mirror and skin mutual reflection, then makes the illumination rate enhance 120-130%, which is a really effective LED system.

What is LED? How is the beauty function of different color?

LED is the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode., it is specialized in special wavelength(color), it also be diode used for traffic signal and Domestic electric appliances. As a beauty system, we always pay good attention to the selection of wavelength and power of each LED light.

Is there any influence to the eye?

The LED light has not affected to the direct vision. If one instantaneously looked that the strong LED light, he/she will feel temporarily change dark to surroundings, please notice we have to wear the safety goggles when we select the treatment mode which must be used with wearing goggles. Also we suggest to close the eye when we select the treatment mode which need not wear the goggles. Please terminate use the LED system if you are not suitable. LED system if you are not suitable.

Could the whole body may carry on the LED light treatment?

Yes,it could.when we select the goggles wearing treatment mode,please note to avoid looking straight ahead the treatment area.the LED light system is the single plane large-size beauty system,so it could be nursing on pate,back,buttocks,and any other body part.

How about the treatment time?

The skin cell which makes you more beautiful is produced from your body,it should take time.if you select the nursing mode of speeding skin cell reproduction we suggest to use LED light treatment by a little time everyday.

I am troubled with acne,is there any treatment mode unsuitable?

If the acne has the inflammation,we only suggest to use acne treatment mode.

Which treatment mode is better for everyday's treatment?Is there any problem to skin if I change 2 or 3 modes in one day's treatment?

We suggest to use program 1 for Spring-Summer treatment, program 2 for Autumn- Winter treatment,it is the fast way to automatic mutiple treatment mode in one program. Certainly, each light is out of Ultraviolet ray, if you select the different mode for treatment, please take it easy to use. only we suggest to treatment no more than 30 minutes for same area.

Is there any slight pain feeling when treatment?

The LED light system is Non-contact auxiliary beauty system without any electrolyte or micro electric current etc. The LED light system is safe enough to treatment Since it will cause the skin to be somewhat dry, please note the full moisturizer.

Program 1

Spring- Summer Treatment Mode
The treatment mode are special used in spring and summer.It will be overall nursing in short time,it is called program 1 as a short time nursing mode.

Nursing mode for Acne/Red spot/hemangiectasis
improve the skin problem of skin sensibility caused by imbalance diet and weary. Mode: blue & red. program 1 (safety goggles must be used)

Nursing mode for pigmentation/acarocecidium
Improve the pigmentation/wrinkle caused by ultraviolet radiation and age. Mode: Blue & Yellow, program 1 (safety goggles must be used.

Program 2

Autumn-Winter Treatment Mode
The treatment mode are special used in autumn and winter. It will be overall nursing in short time, it is called program 2 as a short time nursing mode

Nursing mode for hypersteatosis
Improve the troublesome skin problem.
Mode: Yellow/Red/ Program 2 (safety goggles must be used)

Nursing mode for pachylosis/wrinkles/sag/pore
Improve the skin problem caused by undersleep and ruleless life.
Mode: Yellow & Red, program 2 (safety goggles must be used)

Nursing mode for xerosis cutis/dry skin
Improve the skin problem caused by winter and air conditioner.
Mode: Yellow, program 2 (safety goggles must be used)









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Trademark Customization

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         2.Silk print.Brand silk print on machine shell.We will charge a little money for print copy.If large amount order,we'll give you FREE.
         3.Design a new apperance.We offer OEM,ODM service.Details and charges should be discuss.

brand/logo customizationbrand/logo customization

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User Guide

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Function Acne marks, Color spot, freckle, yellowish-brown spot, old age spot, sunburn spots, Pigmentation therapy, Skin rejuvenation, Skin whitening, Wrinkle removal
Principle LED(PDT)
Sizes Mini, Portable, Small
Applies in Clinic, Personally home, Salon Sauna


Excellent machine!Review by Ella
My face was full of acne.After i use this red light therapy machine,My skin much better.much thanks! (Posted on 11/14/2015)

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